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Mike Cicco, President & CEO,  Fanuc AmericaMike Cicco, President & CEO Off late, automation in manufacturing has radically transformed the dynamics of factory floors and changed several facets of manufacturing operations. Aiding this transformation is the growth of several connected devices and changing consumer demands. Today, we are on the cusp of an automation era where the capabilities of robotics and AI are augmenting the features of machines and at times outperforming humans in a range of work. Manufacturers are finding new ways to compete, innovate, and grow profitably. For instance, robots can be designed to collaborate with other and work in a more intelligent manner. This will enable operators to focus on tasks that require human skills while robots can effectively perform the repetitive tasks. In this mix, there are several tech-savvy CIOs who acknowledge the significance of automation in manufacturing; very few of them succeed to achieve the desired results. This is where Rochester Hills, MI based firm—FANUC America can help.

"FANUC delivers the perfect combination of CNCs, drives, I/O and connectivity solutions for consistent, dependable performance"

“Robotics and automation are key drivers for manufacturing competitiveness,” says Mike Cicco, President and CEO, FANUC America. The leading provider of industrial robots in the world serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, education, food, metal fabrication, medical, pharmaceutical, solar panel, among others. For empowering the manufacturing sector, the firm provides a comprehensive range of industrial automation equipments including robots, CNCs, and motion control systems. With over 100 robot models and pertinent market experience of over 40 years, the firm aids manufacturers to address their factory challenges and meet their production goals and achieve the desired profitability.

The suite of robots is easy to operate and renders comprehensive visibility to several facets of industrial applications along with facilitating payloads from 2300 kg to 4.7 million. The firm also offers simulation packages, application software, controls and integrated iRVision products to aid its clients in customizing applications according to their business necessities.

The firm boasts of a competent team of robotic integrators and assists manufacturers in automating systems. Being a part of the Authorized System Integrator (ASI) Network, the group comprehends the existing requirements of its clients and accordingly builds solutions to supplement quality, throughput, and productivity.

The firm provides a comprehensive range of industrial automation equipments including robots, CNCs, and motion control systems

Starting from pharmaceutical to woodworking FANUC America’s suite of industrial robots are capable of handling any robots ranging from 0.5kg to 2300kg. With a repertoire of system integrators, the firm renders the necessary tools for reducing costs, improving quality, maximizing productivity, and increasing the competitive position in the marketplace.

The Future Lies in Collaboration

Picture a world without safety fences where humans and robots can collaborate and work to improve production volume. With FANUC’s CR series collaborative robots, the future is at the realm. Along with being a co-worker, these collaborative robots can perform tedious repetitive tasks and carry loads up to 35 kg. Built with contact stop sensor technology, these robots automatically stops when they come in contact with a person or any fixed objects. These robots can help manufacturers to automate the entire assembly operations related to automotive, packaging, distribution, and metal working.

For instance, organizations can use these robots for lifting and positioning heavy components on machining and assembly lines which prevents any injuries that may happen to line workers. These robots aptly suit the machine learning operations that require an operator’s presence. The quality control checks can be performed by these robots which will eliminate the need of an additional workstation and subsequently reduce the cycle times. Additionally, these CR series collaborative robots can also be leveraged for performing hazardous loading tasks in packaging and palletizing lines.


To improve milling, drilling, and tapping operations, the firm has developed an advanced robot—ROBODRILL that brings exemplary precision and quality at great hourly rates. The most noteworthy thing about ROBODRILL is that it can change tool in 0.7 seconds and can handle tools weighing up to four kilograms. Built with intelligent cutting strategies, ROBODRILL achieves the same accurate results as the more powerful machines involving high-speed machining, mold making or five-axis machining.

The standard version— ROBODRILL α-DiB5 enables manufacturers in high-speed drilling, boring, and tapping. Further, the advanced ROBODRILL α-DiB5 ADV models facilitate high-speed machining and set high performance benchmarks. The ROBODRILL α-DiB5 series is also fitted with a number of swarf evacuation options starting from coolant tank and chip flush methods to a piping system for wall coolant.

Additionally, the advanced version minimizes swarf interference with a dome-shaped Y-axis front cover. To continue bringing exemplary products for its clients, the firm recently released R-1000iA/120F-7B Seven-Axis Robot that can work in very tight workspaces. The robot can endure a load of 120 kg and has a reach of 2230 mm. The additional axis in this product enables robot’s J2 arm to fold and reduce its size such that it can accommodate in tight workplaces.

CNC Systems

The firm develops state-of-the-art CNC and motion control systems to supplement the efficacy of machine tools and other applications used by operators. These systems boost performance and precision during operations and ensure reliability and ease of operation. Starting from standard application to complex machine tools and high-precision programs, FANUC delivers the perfect combination of CNCs, drives, I/O and connectivity solutions for consistent, dependable performance. The firm also partners with other emerging players of the market for developing integrated factory solutions and helps its clients in attaining optimum levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Series 30i/31i/32i CNC

To improve the efficiency of next-generation operation tools, the firm offers a Series 30i/31i/32i CNC models. Capable of performing 5-axis machining for precision parts, the product performs extraordinary surface finishes and simplifies part programming, setups, and operations. Additionally, the product also ensures optimal performance in applications such as composite tape laying, riveting, water jet, laser, friction stir welding and EDM. One of the most exemplary things about these systems is that they go up and running in less than 30 seconds for increasing the production volume.

Today, with more than three million CNCs installed globally, FANUC is one of the leading companies in the space. The firm’s market proven efficient and innovative CNC systems decreases the total cost of ownership of operations for manufactures. The firm takes pride to have the highest Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in the industry-up to 35 years, a 25-year replacement part availability and support commitment, substantial genuine FANUC local parts inventories, factory trained service and support, economical repair and return services, and professional training.

Customer First

The firm embraces a culture of “Service First” which means that its customer service is its highest priority. FANUC America also maintains a great work culture and is recognized as a top workplace by Detroit Free Press. “This has been an exciting year for us, and being named a top workplace in Michigan and Illinois means that our extremely talented team enjoys and values our culture, work environment and professional opportunities,” adds Cicco. “It’s a great feeling knowing that in this very competitive labor market our employees have chosen FANUC as their place to work, and have expressed their satisfaction in this way.” In addition to being a profound workplace, FANUC has further cemented its place as a global leader in robots, CNCs and factory automation with over 24M products installed.