Control Technologies: Specialist in Custom Machinery and Industrial Robotics Integration

The growing demand from customers for high-quality products, innovative design, and timely product delivery, has motivated manufacturers to invest in industrial automation, specifically in Industrial Robotics. Automation enables industries to lower production time, tackle rising manual labor costs, deliver a high-quality product, as well as increase customer satisfaction. A leader in this effort is Control Technologies, a certified robotics integrator, offering its full integration services covering everything from concept design, engineering, programming, to system build— allowing the clients to adopt automation project’s seamlessly from the concept to installation. They work with various robot manufacturers and are certified integrators for Fanuc, Yaskawa-Motoman, UR, and Adept with expertise across CNC machining, custom control panels, (UL certified), and machine retrofits.

Founded in 2002, Control Technologies, in its early days, started building control panels, doing program integration and building machine software. Today, the company boasts a fully equipped in-house shop—mechanical and electrical— providing a complete setup for tackling the automation challenges of their clients. In addition, to keep up with the growing customer needs the company is continuously enhancing its capabilities. They have a dedicated fabrication shop with large CNC machines, laser, plasmas, and press brake machines to better control timeline for delivery as well as quality. Furthermore, they have an assembly department and their UL panel shop deals with contract work requirements given by clients.

The process for automation starts with receiving a request for a quote from the client. Control Technologies promptly assigns a team of qualified control, mechanical and sales engineers for an on-site interview. “It is a crucial step to determine the exact requirement of the clients, whether the clients want to build a new automation system or to automate their existing process,” says Wes Lampkin, President, Control Technologies. Most of the time clients are unaware of the automation process, so the company with their expertise in the field guides them through it.
After having the details of the client, the team starts to look for the right process to approach the challenges and resolve them. The company narrows down all the possibilities to arrive at a logical solution that will cater to all the clients’ need. Furthermore, at this step, the company future proofs the product by making it an open platform, so that it can be easily upgraded or more functionality can be added as per the customer feedback. Finally, they offer the quote to the customer with the best price possible, and then the actual automation project starts with building a 3-D concept model or an animation depending on the requirement of the client and is followed by approval and delivery.

Post delivering the product; the company continues to offer its services as additional support, which includes assigning the same development team to after-sales service; this enables the company to meet the customer requirements fast, resolve the issues quickly, and enhance the customer experience drastically. “We stand behind everything we do for our customers, even if it hurts us. We make sure that we take care of our customer in the right way. That is our priority, and we focus on it,” says Wes.

We stand behind everything we do for our customers, even if it hurts us. We make sure that we take care of our customer in the right way

While rapidly ramping up their capabilities, the company is focused on expanding their geographical footprint. With their remote offices in Asheville and Wilmington NC, they plan to expand to as many locations as necessary to serve their clients.