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Haig Miskdjian, Founder and CEO, Falco AutomationHaig Miskdjian, Founder and CEO
Specializing in industrial automation services, California based Falco Automation has swiftly become a best-in-class automation solution provider for clients across a number of manufacturing sectors. Through the implementation of cutting-edge robotics and highly skilled specialists to support these systems, Falco continues to meet the ever-increasing need among manufacturers to apply industrial automation technologies into their manufacturing processes. Falco has risen to the top in the industrial automation space not only because of the company’s ability to develop superior solutions that vastly improve manufacturing efficiencies but its machines are specifically built and programmed to handle the unique needs of each client. The professionals behind Falco’s propriety robotics are also a key component to the firm’s solid position within the industry. CEO and Founder, Haig Miskdjian, meticulously built a team of professionals with varied and extensive industry backgrounds to develop and service machinery that is driving some of the most aggressive manufacturing lead times in the industry. “Unlike most automation companies, we have different departments with unmatched engineering capabilities specialized to design products aligning with all of our clients’ needs,” says Miskdjian.

Hailing from a family with a four-decade history in industrial manufacturing, Miskdjian initially worked in his family business with a customer base spanning the Middle East and Europe. Recognizing the growing market potential in the U.S., Miskdjian initially established Falco Automation in Northern California. From a single service office, the company grew to multiple engineering and administrative facilities located in San Carlos and Los Angeles. Today, Falco Automation provides state-of-the-art automation solutions and services to multiple industry sectors, including consumer products, pharmaceutical, automotive, and aerospace, among others. “Our specialized departments handle all the critical steps of implementing effective automation products and offer their expertise to every single phase of a clients’ production, from raw materials processing to packaging and shipping,” adds Miskdjian.

Unlike most automation companies, we have different departments with unmatched engineering capabilities specialized to design products aligning with all of our clients’ needs

Concurrently, as an OEM and integrator firm, Falco Automation designs and builds custom equipment including robotic arms with vision systems and proprietary AI software, assembly lines, packaging solutions, palletizers, and SCADA systems, among others. The company also works as a servicing and equipment rebuild firm to help its clients upgrade and automate their existing equipment. “We are always on the lookout for innovation in industrial automation and use every new development to provide high-quality and cutting-edge solutions in automation,” states Miskdjian.

Falco’s highly competent compliance professionals enable the firm to consistently maintain the varied standards put forth by the range of markets the company serves. In addition, Miskdjian’s R&D team thoroughly assesses every client’s specific demand and performs excessive research to develop the most cost-effective, flexible, and advanced solution. “Our team of first-class professionals is dedicated to designing industrial solutions that optimize processes consistently and accurately, as well as striving to ensure that our clients’ satisfaction with our services is equal to our passion for providing them,” mentions Miskdjian.

Falco Automation is growing its North American footprint as the company is opening new engineering and service offices in Denver along with plans to open a new manufacturing facility on the east coast. Looking into the future, Falco plans to establish facilities in other countries across the globe. From a portfolio standpoint, the company is perfectly poised to build new products and services that can push the boundaries of industrial automation and transform the way manufacturing processes are performed. Another key objective in the company’s roadmap is to simplify industrial automation in the U.S. to drive cost-efficient manufacturing processes and boost the U.S. economy. In reiterating his company’s mission, Miskdjian states that Falco will “drive the Industry 4.0 revolution by solving client challenges through its delivery of smart automation solutions, with machine learning capabilities, paired with 24/7 support.”

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Falco Automation

Falco Automation

San Carlos, CA

Haig Miskdjian, Founder and CEO

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